Hotel at the Lafayette Wedding – Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers – Shannon & James

Shannon and James’ Hotel at the Lafayette wedding should be considered the end all be all of elegant contemporary highly styled weddings. Every single detail was perfect. From the peplum on the Bride’s dress to the paper goods designed by the Groom himself, the glamour, the color palette, the whimsy, it was all spot on!! I mean we love these pictures. This wedding provided such incredible visuals, we felt like were in a dream all day long. We are so honored to have had the opportunity to be part of such a beautiful day.

But as we all know, the beauty of a wedding day is not just in the details and locations. Shannon and James are the kind of people that you just want all good things to happen to. There is not a mean or selfish bone in either of their bodies. They are the kind of people that put others first. They are the kind of people that roll with the punches and keep on smiling. Heck! They are the kind of people that bring beautifully wrapped gifts for our children to a meeting about their wedding day schedule. The world benefits when two genuine and truly good souls become one. And we promise from the bottom of our hearts that we do not take for granted the fact that we were blessed enough to share this day with such wonderful people.