Fine Art Boudoir Photography – Rochester NY Boudoir Photographers – Aimee

Oh what a journey the last few months has been. You guys kept us so so so busy. There really was no “off season,” this time around. But there really never is. So in February after many years of searching and debating we finally found a studio space that checked off every box on our list. We moved in March 1st and I have to say, it may have been the best choice we’ve ever made for our business and for our family. Well . . . maybe the second best decision after moving back to Rochester in 2013.

This investment was completely meant to be. I knew I needed a real office space outside of our home. I knew I needed to increase productivity by getting away from the kids. And I knew I needed to stop meeting you guys at Starbucks. Hahaha. But I wasn’t sure the extra monthly expense would be worth it because we had gotten by for so long without having a studio space to shoot in. Like gotten by for our entire career thus far. But like fate stepping in to tell us what to do once again, a couple of you wonderful ladies emailed me about doing boudoir sessions within the same week that we saw the space for the first time. And while it had never ever occurred to me to do boudoir sessions before, now I knew that OUR clients were interested in doing this. So I reached out to quite a few of you to say, “hypothetically if this is something we started offering, would you do it?” And the response was overwhelming. I couldn’t believe how many of you said yes. Honestly I was actually a little shocked. So the more I thought about it and the more I explored this genre, the more I realized what an expression of artistry this could be for me. I realized, I could make it my own, because that’s exactly what I have always done with my work. I realized there is something very special about these shoots.

So that was it, we were off to the races. Michael and I did it, we a got studio space, all our own. And since signing the lease and opening up shop, we have had countless shoots in here, and every single photography dream I’ve had since I was 16 years old has come true. The new wave of inspiration that has just washed itself all over me has been incredible. I even began shooting again with my contrax645 film camera. His name is Henry, and I don’t think I’ve ever loved a piece of machinery more.

Anyways, check out these shots from my fine art boudoir session with the exquisite Aimee. She killed it. She nailed it. She made it so easy. She SLAYYYYYYED. Can’t wait to shoot all the sessions I have lined up with you ladies this summer and fall. Yippeeeee for boss lady dreams coming true!!!!