Featured in Parents Magazine

A few months back one of our friends over at Parents Magazine emailed asking if we had any pictures of babies with their moms in a bar setting.  They were running a poll on whether or not the parents of America were finding the new trend of bringing your baby/kid to a bar was good or bad.  Turns out most were in opposition of  it.  Anyways, we didn’t have a picture of that, but I was like, “umm, we could just head out to a bar and take a picture now.”  So that’s what we did. We hit up our favorite Rochester spot, The Revelry(best burger on the planet), and took some family photos as we ate lunch.  Parents ended up deciding to run this shot of me and Noah hangin’ at the bar, taken by Michael of course.  We are so thrilled.  We’re in shock about how much he’s already changed in just a few short months.

Our take on bringing your baby to the bar:  Noah loves going to restaurants with us.  He has a great time scoping out new faces and sights and sounds.  Most of our favorite restaurants also have great bars, and we Mesekes love to sit at the bar.  So as long as Noah is in good spirits and not ruining the experience for the other adults, we figure why not.  And of course we’re not getting smashed, either of us, and which ever one of us is driving will only have one drink or none at all.

And as you can tell from the pics below, he’s pretty thrilled to be in the February issue, as it’s both his and his dad’s birthday month!!