Courtney & Reed Married: Minnewaska Lodge Wedding: Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

This wedding holds a very special place in my heart.  Courtney and I actually met back in junior high school when we were both members of the Select Choir.  We haven’t kept in touch the entire time between now and then, but somehow we kept coming back into each others lives.  First scooping ice cream in our home town during our summers off from college, and most recently as fellow New Yorkers.  Courtney’s heart is just so full and rich.  She’s the kind of person who’s opinion of others depends solely on who they are on the inside.  I probably hadn’t spoken to Courtney in about 8 years when she contacted me last August asking if I would photograph her wedding.  I could not have been more thrilled and honored.

Courtney has without a doubt met her match in Reed.  These two share a very passionate love for the outdoors,  especially rock climbing, that really showed through in this wedding.  The location was gorgeous and chosen because it actually overlooks a spot they have spent many a weekend escaping the big city to go climbing.  This event was truly a labor of love.  So personally done by the couple and their families.  It was such a pleasure to watch an old friend be so happy.

Instead of going on a traditional honeymoon, Courtney and Reed drove across the country to their new California residence, the week after their wedding.  We wish them both all the best in their new home, and congratulations on a fantastic start to what is sure to be an ever lasting and enormously loving marriage.