Any chance you guys wanna take a look at a collection of our favorite images from 2015? We know, it’s been 2016 for over a month now, and this post is far over due. But we moved at the beginning of January, and the kids were sick the ENTIRE holiday season, so I feel like we get a pass.

We wanted to also take this moment to talk a little about what we’ve been through over the last 4 years. During that time I was pregnant twice, went through year 1 with an infant twice, we moved from New York City to Rochester, therefore totally relocating our business which could have been a total flop and disaster, and we also therefore spent the entire 2014 wedding season traveling back and forth between the two(while I was pregnant with baby #2). Not to mentioned also doing this during the end of the 2013 season. At the beginning of 2015 our baby girl came a month early, and gave us all quite the scare. She was born with infant hemolytic disease, and the following months brought on colic and reflux and what felt like never ending sleepless nights. We then went through the process of buying and selling a house at the same time this past fall, almost losing the new house a couple of times, and then of course we actually moved . . . again. It has been intense and exhausting to say the least.

It has not been an easy time for us. And we have WORKED. OUR. BUTTS. OFF.

We worked our butts off to be the best possible parents we know how to be. We worked out butts off to keep the momentum of the success we had in NYC continue to flourish in the Western New York State wedding photography market. We worked our butts off to keep the work we were doing at the highest standard of quality, all the while keeping it fresh and something we can say we are proud of.

This was no easy task given the circumstances, and aside from our own hard work and dedication, we owe all the rest of that to you guys. Your respect and appreciation for quality wedding photography has kept our business thriving. And the love you have for one another has kept us inspired. If our work doesn’t inspire us, then we have nothing. And for all these years you guys have kept us wanting more. Week after week, month after month, year after year, the subject matter we find in front of our cameras, pssst that’s you guys, continues to not only bring us crazy amounts of joy, but it continues to challenge us and make us feel like we are doing something that has real meaning. That is such an incredible gift. Because you guys love us so much and wanted to work with us, we were able to fully book our 2015 wedding season within the Western New York State region. Just a year after moving here, we were able to turn down all weddings in NYC for 2015 and still book a full season here. I mean come on!! We are so proud of that!!

You guys made our dreams come true. You really and truly honestly did. Grateful does not even begin to describe what we feel for you all. You are just magic. The magic in our lives that keeps us loving our job.

We did some work this year that are really really deeply proud of. We owe you all so much. Past clients and future clients, you are all so so very important to us. We love you.

rochester-ny-wedding-photographers-best-of-2015_001 rochester-ny-wedding-photographers-best-of-2015_002 rochester-ny-wedding-photographers-best-of-2015_003 rochester-ny-wedding-photographers-best-of-2015_004 rochester-ny-wedding-photographers-best-of-2015_005 rochester-ny-wedding-photographers-best-of-2015_006 rochester-ny-wedding-photographers-best-of-2015_007 rochester-ny-wedding-photographers-best-of-2015_008 rochester-ny-wedding-photographers-best-of-2015_009 rochester-ny-wedding-photographers-best-of-2015_010 rochester-ny-wedding-photographers-best-of-2015_011 rochester-ny-wedding-photographers-best-of-2015_012 rochester-ny-wedding-photographers-best-of-2015_013 rochester-ny-wedding-photographers-best-of-2015_014

 Rochester NY Fine Art Wedding Photographers


There aren’t a lot of things we love more than a Hotel at the Lafayette wedding day. First their gorgeous ceremony was held at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in downtown Buffalo. And after wrapping up things there we galavanted all over the city of Buffalo capturing Tarin and Rich being incredible versions of their oh-so-in-love selves. It was our first time taking portraits at the Ellicott Square Building and we were so thrilled with how many different things there were to do. We just couldn’t stop!! Of course after that we headed to Lafayette and photo-ops just kept a-comin’. This couple and these pictures make us giddy like children. yay!!!

hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0001 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0002 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0003 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0004 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0005 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0006 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0007 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0008 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0009 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0010 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0011 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0012 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0013 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0014 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0015 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0016 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0017 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0018 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0019 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0020 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0021 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0022 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0023 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0024 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0025 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0028 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0029 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0030 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0031 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0026 hotel-at-the-lafayette-wedding-buffalo-ny-2015_0027

Save The Date: Minted
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
Florist- Carla Costamagna
Furniture Rental- Quaint (East Aurora)
Band- Nik and the Nice Guys
Photo Booth and Lighting- Toy Bros Entertainment
Donuts- Duke’s Donuts
Rings- combo of Mann’s (engagement ring and groom’s wedding band) and Cornell (bride’s wedding band)
Bridal Dress 1 – Oleg Cassini
Bridal Dress 2 – Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaid Dresses – Dessy
Bridal shoes – Menbur
Tuxes – Men’s Wearhouse