Amanda and Josh’s Becker Farms Wedding was far far more than we could have ever possibly imagined it would be. I mean, first off, lets just talk for a second about how we had the most epic sunset of all time. If you follow us on Instagram  you know that I said I’m pretty sure we’ll never take photos like this ever again because the way the light was bouncing against the earth that evening was like something out of dream.

What makes a great wedding though is not the sunset, or the gorgeous wooden center pieces constructed by Amanda’s dad, or the perfect flower arrangements DIY’d by Amanda and her mom, or the jaw dropping cathedral veil she wore . . . no it’s not any of that . . . it’s the infectious chemistry, affection, and love that Amanda and Josh shared. These two had an extra special kind of respect and adoration for one another. I mean, for reals, I’m talking Nicholas Sparks kind of stuff here people. Sorry, I’m going all corn ball on you, but when Josh looked at Amanda is was like when Noah looked at Allie(in The Notebook for those of you not getting the reference). It was like he would crawl to ends of the earth to keep her safe and protected. And holy moly do I love me summa that!! Have I mentioned I’m a hopeless romantic?! DUH!!

And of course behind every good man and every good woman, is an even more amazing family. And they made us feel like part of that family. So warm, and welcoming, and that means everything to us. We honestly just didn’t want this night to end. Not just because of the love we were feeling, but the incredible party, made possible by the one and only DJ Naps. Seriously guys, he’s the best of the best.

So yeah, I could go on and on, but I’ll let you look at these pictures now.

becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0021 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0002 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0003 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0004 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0005

Uhhh, yeah, while I was shooting the guys, Michael got this capture of Amanda totally goofing off. LOVE THIS GIRL!!!(and of course my husband for taking this picture)

becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0006 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0007 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0022 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0008 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0009 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0010 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0011 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0012 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0013 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0023 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0025

becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0016 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0017 becker-farms-wedding-AJ-2015_0018

Oh oh oh, and Amanda wore her mom’s wedding dress at the end of the night. She had it altered into a super sweet little wedding cocktail dress. It was so beautiful.


Elizabeth and Michael could not have possibly scheduled a dreamier evening for their Ellison Park engagement shoot. It’s also not every day that you get to photograph a couple containing not one but TWO red heads. As most of your know the other half of Alexandra Meseke Photography, Michael Meseke, is a red head, so I have a very special place in my heart for this particular physical trait. They were such a breeze to photograph, and we just love these gorgeous photos. So excited for their Genesee Valley Club Wedding next May!!

rochester-ny-engagement-shoot-EM-2015_0001 rochester-ny-engagement-shoot-EM-2015_0002 rochester-ny-engagement-shoot-EM-2015_0003 rochester-ny-engagement-shoot-EM-2015_0004 rochester-ny-engagement-shoot-EM-2015_0005 rochester-ny-engagement-shoot-EM-2015_0006

Rochester NY Engagement Shoot

It’s hard to imagine a more romantic love story than Amanda and Antoine’s. Star crossed lovers definitely applies here. She was living in Brooklyn. He was living in Montreal. She took a weekend getaway to Montreal. They met in a bar. Sparks flew, and despite the long distance between them, it didn’t take long for them realize that this relationship was different. This was a love that was changing them each for the best, and challenging them to be better versions of themselves. And that’s how they knew it was time to start planning a life together.

And speaking of planning, these two spent a year planning a classically stunning and heart felt event. Their George Eastman House wedding ceremony was off the charts memorable. You cannot go wrong saying your personal vows beside the wisteria covered archways of Eastman’s west garden. And of course every single time we walk across the property to the terrace garden, Michael and I feel as though we’ve transported into a dreamlike world in a european garden much like one you’d imagine out of a Jane Austin novel.  Amanda’s BHLDN gown could not have been more perfectly suited for this day. We could not have loved the combination of it all more. After the George Eastman House we headed to the Strathallan Hotel’s newly renovated rooftop event space for the couple’s reception. With floor to ceiling windows on three sides, you are getting the most spectacular view that the city of Rochester has to offer. The way that Amanda and Antoine really made it their own with the florals they chose and the old book page table runners, really blew us away. The space was really brought to life.

But honestly most importantly these two made us smile so hard it hurt. When you scroll down and see the smile on Antoine’s face as Amanda walked down the isle, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0001 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0002 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0003 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0004 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0005 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0006 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0007 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0008 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0009 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0010 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0011 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0012 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0013 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0014 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0015 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0016 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0017 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0018 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0019 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0020 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0021 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0022 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0023 george-eastman-house-wedding-aa-2015_0024

Kellie and Bill could not have asked for a more beautiful day for their Inn on the Lake Canandaigua NY wedding. We even had the most perfect sunset over the blue waters of the lake. These two have impeccable taste. The mix of tuxes for the guys, gold shimmering strapless dresses for the girls, Kellie’s Allure Bridals gown, and gold and pink details everywhere, really was breathtaking. It was all so fancy, and yet, it was still so approachable and almost felt backyard wedding like.

canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0001 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0002 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0003 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0004 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0005 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0006 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0007 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0008 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0009 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0010 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0011 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0012 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0013 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0014 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0015 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0016 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0017 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0018 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0019 canandaigua-inn-on-the-lake-wedding-150711_0020