Last month we had the joy and pleasure of photographing Bryn and Daymon’s wedding in Sonoma, CA. Being Rochester NY Wedding Photographers, this was obviously not our typical wedding location.

Way way . . . wayyyyy . . . back in the day, before pregnancies, and babies, and mortgages, and moving  back to the burbs of my home town, Michael and I were young and COOL and lived in a 360 sq.ft. studio apartment on Carmine Street in the West Village of NYC. During this time of our lives, we also used to go out on dates like five nights a week. I mean really, every night was date night, when you stop and think about it. But the point is, we used to go out to dinner a lot, and our most frequented restaurant was a little Sushi place up the block on 7th Ave. This place was like our second home. We were close friends with the owners and the food was above and beyond every single time we went. It was like a little family, us, the owners, and all the other regular patrons.

I know, you’re like what does this possibly have to do with a wedding we photographed in Sonoma? Well, one of the oh so New York things about Ido Sushi was that they hosted opera nights. Yes that’s right, every Wednesday, and Saturday(if my memory serves me correctly), opera singers would come to eat and sing. It was the most wonderful quirky fabulous fun thing. Opera and sushi? Who woulda thought. Well as fate would have it, Bryn was one of those opera singers. We used to love to hear her sing, watching her was inspiring and moving every single time. Michael even photographed her for a series of portraits he was doing where opera singers posed as their favorite characters from their favorite operas. Oh, do I have a sample of Michael’s personal work to show you? Umm, yes!!! Here is the snap of our bride Bryn. And while you’re at it, check out this shot of our old studio apartment. Yes that’s a murphy bed, and yes, that is Michael in the shower that was IN our kitchen.

Anyways, I digress . . .

Back to Bryn and Daymon. In another twist of fate, Daymon, who is also an opera singer, was visiting NYC for a bit and came into Ido Sushi one night. The two met, the sparks flew, and they have essentially never been apart since. Bryn moved to Houston where Daymon lived, their love grew stronger, as they each knew it would. And when they got engaged, emailing us to see if we could photograph her wedding was one of the first things Bryn did. And I quote, “I knew that I wanted you and Michael to photograph my fantasy wedding before I even met Daymon ;).” So on top of this incredibly flattering statement, she told us that she was getting married in Sonoma, CA. I mean how could we possibly say no?!?!?!

After a year of many emails and phone calls and travel bookings and excitement, we made it to Sonoma, and the entire event far surpassed any expectations we went into it having. Sonoma itself had a quaintness and natural, real salt of the earth sort of feel we weren’t expecting. Bryn was lucky enough to grow up there, and after seeing this place and meeting her family, we could see immediately how and why she grew up to be the wonderful, considerate, spunky, loving, fun and humble woman she is.

The wedding itself was, I mean DUH, something out of the handbook for a Photographer’s dream wedding. Lets start with the Venue. The Depot Hotel Restaurant was the perfect setting for a dreamy intimate gathering, complete with candle light surrounding the pool, bistro lights hanging above, and architecture that made you feel like you had been transported to a fishing village in Italy. Next we must talk about the flowers. Emily Stryker of Green Snapdragon Floral Design knocked this thing out of the park. Bryn’s flower crown people!! THE. FLOWER. CROWN. All of it was perfection, every single thing she did could not have been done better. And lastly, but far from least, I must mention Bryn’s custom Peach colored gown designed by Alexenia by Ksania Lerner.  If ever there was a time for a Peach colored gown, this was it. It played off the warm tones of the this Northern California town exquisitely. Bryn also has this perfect flawless beautifully toned porcelain skin that the dress was just made to compliment. When Bryn texted me a picture of the dress about a month before the wedding I snorted and squealed.

But above all, and probably the most important thing was the way this couple loved one and other. You could tell this was a special match. I don’t know how else to say it, but Daymon is a MAN, and just by the way he looked at her, you could tell he would crawl to the ends of the earth to love her, honor her, and keep her safe. I know that sounds dramatic, but these two were just really really really in love. And of course that made it such a joy for us to photograph them both all day long. We couldn’t take a bad shot, because they just kept bringing it!

Alright so I could go on and on, but I’ll wrap it up with a huge THANK YOU to Bryn, Daymon, and their families for having us. An extra special thanks goes out to Roy and Risa, Bryn’s parents, who brought us out to Sonoma. We did not physically stay in their home, but they were gracious and loving hosts, and we owe such a huge part of our wonderful time that week to them.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures as much we enjoyed taking them.

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