We can’t say enough wonderful things about Kimberly and Michael.  The camera loves them.  They are kind, good hearted, humble people.  Their families and wedding party members were a dream to work with.  Their day was just an all around wonderful thing to have had the honor of being a part of.  This was our first Bristol Harbour Resort Wedding.  Although it was not the appropriate time of year to schedule an outdoor ceremony overlooking Canandaigua Lake, we still managed to get quite a feel for the truly majestic scenery, and the elegant but rustic warmth that defines Bristol Harbour’s interior.  The ceremony took place at one of our new favorite churches, St. Mary’s Church on N Main St. in Canandaigua.  And the rain held off just long enough for us to get some really fun portraits down at the Canandaigua City Pier boat houses.  Kim and Mike’s vision for a fall themed wedding was executed flawlessly.  The mix of gold and sparkles with the pumpkins and squashes, topped off with gorgeous floral center pieces all by Stacey K Floral, really brought the room to life.  We couldn’t be happier for this fabulous couple.

Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_001 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_002 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_003 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_004 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_005 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_006 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_007 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_008 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_009 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_010 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_011 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_012 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_013 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_014 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_015 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_016 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_017 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_018 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_019 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_020 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_021 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_022 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_023 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_024 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_025 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_026 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_027 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_028 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_029 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_030 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_031 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_032 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_033 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_034 Bristol-Harbour-Resort-Wedding-KM-2014_035


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Abby & Dennis’ beautifully intimate, swing dance filled wedding was our third wedding at Suzanne Fine Regional Cuisine.  We can’t say it enough, if you’re looking to have a Finger Lakes Wedding, especially a barn wedding, Suzanne’s is the place you need to be.  We’ve been to this gorgeous property in July, September, and now late October.  And after two perfect, beautiful sunny days, we now know that this venue surpasses all expectations even in typical late October western New York state weather . . . aka cold, cloudy, and blustery.  Many of the day’s original plans had to be altered, but Abby & Dennis took it surprisingly well.  And it’s in our expert wedding photographer opinion that their easy going attitude about the whole thing can be 100% attributed to the true and everlasting love that they share.  They knew what the day was really about, and what it really meant.  So instead of getting married on a picturesque hilltop overlooking Seneca Lake, they invited their family and friends into the barn, where they closed the doors to keep out the wind and weather.  For Abby and Dennis, that didn’t change a thing.  They were still getting married, and they were still celebrating with all the people they hold most dear.  Thankfully for them, that enclosed barn was the perfect plan b.  The twinkle lights and gorgeous flower arrangements were just the elegant touch that the dreamy rustic barn needed to make a wonderfully romantic ceremony location.

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This particular early October morning made for the PERFECT setting for a dreamy beach engagement shoot.  Sure if you’re meeting a couple at 7:30am on a Monday you’re secretly dreaming of an epic sunrise.  But we have to say, this was BETTER.  Something about the hue of blue in the sky created by the clouds made it feel like we were in a made up world, maybe even on the moon.  It was pretty surreal.  Jaime and Justin were one of those couples that warned us they’d be awkward for the camera, and didn’t know what to do.  But man they couldn’t have been more wrong.  The camera could not have loved their interaction more.  I say it every time, but it’s never surprising to us what a little encouragement from a professional(that’s us!), and the true love they share as a couple can do. And umm, hello!, how cute is their little pup, Yoshi!? Love him!

Ontario-Beach-Park-Engagement-Shoot-2014_001 Ontario-Beach-Park-Engagement-Shoot-2014_002 Ontario-Beach-Park-Engagement-Shoot-2014_003 Ontario-Beach-Park-Engagement-Shoot-2014_004 Ontario-Beach-Park-Engagement-Shoot-2014_005 Ontario-Beach-Park-Engagement-Shoot-2014_006 Ontario-Beach-Park-Engagement-Shoot-2014_007

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