Whether you’re planning a Finger Lakes Wedding for the spring, summer, or fall, Suzanne Fine Regional Cuisine is quite simply the PERFECT place to have it.  Nestled sweetly in Lodi, NY halfway down the eastern side of Seneca Lake, Suzanne’s manages to show all the beauty and humbleness that makes the finger lakes so wonderful, all in one property.  It comes complete with rolling meadows, a lake view, a small produce farm, and fantastic classic red barns.  With Suzanne and her husband, Bob, running the place, and Suzanne herself being head chef in the kitchen, you feel like you’re at home every time you’re there.  Their warmth, kindness, professionalism, and talents are a perfect combination to go with the amazing visuals.

Cliona and Andy contacted us in the fall of 2014 telling us that they had literally chosen to get married at Suzanne’s because they saw the images from a wedding we had already photographed earlier that year.  And of course in turn they wanted us to photograph the day for them as well.  What a compliment!! So we already loved Cliona & Andy from our first email exchanged, then we really fell in love during our Central Park Engagement Shoot in June of this year.  But of course this fabulous pair really sealed the deal for us on the day you see below.  We became official life long fans of them as a couple and the love that they share and spread wherever they go.   We really could not have asked for a more perfect day.

P.S. if you’re looking for a romantic get away, The Argos Inn in Ithaca, NY, where Cliona and Andy got ready, is terribly adorable and romantic.  Michael and I can’t wait to go back some time soon when we’re not working.

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Rochester NY Wedding Photographres

If you’re getting married in Rochester NY and you’re trying to have a modern day version of a vintage Gatsby themed wedding, we can’t think of a better combination than having a George Eastman House Wedding Ceremony and an Inn On Broadway Wedding Reception.  The truth is, you really could see Gatsby and Daisy themselves having tea and cake in the gardens of the Eastman House by day, and sipping bourbon as they danced in the ballroom of the inn by night.  When we think of Dayna and Chris’ wedding, the words “glamorous” and “chic” definitely come to mind.  From Dayna’s side swept hair, to the men in their tuxedos, to the flawless candlelit center pieces, every detail came together so well.  But the best part was this couple’s never ending humble kindness, their gratitude, and what a joy they were to work with.  Dayna & Chris we are truly grateful that you asked us to capture your day.  Congratulations!!

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If you’re planning a Country Club of Rochester Wedding, do yourselves a favor, and take a page, or TWO, out of Beth and Mike’s book.  The Country Club of Rochester is a beautiful venue with it’s classic older world interior design and architecture.  It makes you feel like your stepping into a place with history, and that brings a real warmth that is so perfect for a wedding day.  Beth and Mike could not have been more fun, easy going, or kind hearted.  We truly wish we could relive their wedding day at least one more time if not more.  They were amazing as a couple, and their wedding party was such a blast.  But on top of all that Beth’s event planning skills and attention to detail really brought the whole thing to life.  The table settings and flower arrangements really gave the dining room an entirely new look and feel.  Well done flowers and some candle light go such a long way.  Her vision was truly gorgeous.  We’ve had a few couples this year that used places for table “numbers” instead of actual numbers.  Usually places that mean something special to the couple.  Beth and Mike had a lot of good ones, but the Wegmans table was by far our favorite.

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Olivia and Jeff did such a beautiful job of making their Ventosa Vineyards Wedding all their own.  But you really can’t go wrong with a finger lakes wedding, you just can’t.  Whether it be at a vineyard or a barn or an inn, whether your venue has a lake view or not, there is something so serenely magical about getting married in the finger lakes region.  And Ventosa Vineyards is no exception.  It was a true pleasure to be able to be a part of Olivia and Jeff’s big day.
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Our dear clients Shannon and Andrew were blessed with a gorgeous day for their engagement shoot in Skaneateles, NY.  So it was only fitting that they get equally blessed with a beautiful and ever so lucky light rain on their wedding day.  When you’re having a Ventosa Vineyards Wedding, in the finger lakes region of New York State, the whole point is to have your ceremony at the top of the hill over looking the rows of grape vines that lead downward to the breathtaking view of Seneca Lake.  Of course, Shannon and Andrew were holding their breath all morning, to see if they would still get their chance at this gorgeous view.  It certainly was touch and go for a bit there.  But we ended up right there at the top of that hill, and a light drizzle covered us, making for an incredibly beautiful and meaningful ceremony.  “They” say rain on your wedding day means good luck, and we believe that in this particular case, it most certainly was so so so true.  We couldn’t be more happy for these two.

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