Our home is the place that keeps a history of our journey. And the records of that journey deserve to be seen. Our memories, our love . . . our photographs, they deserve a place on our bookshelves, our mantles, our bedside tables, and our walls.

In 50 years who knows if facebook or instagram will still exist. Do you really want your grandchildren's only way of seeing your family's most cherished memories to be by sifting through years of galleries and mobile uploads on a facebook wall or instagram feed? Of course not, they should be able to simply walk over to a shelf, and pick up a book, and hold it in their laps. 

And why waste your money on a cheap book that is going to begin falling apart at the seems less than 10 years from now? Let US design you a custom gorgeous heirloom hand crafted and manufactured to perfection. 

Your wedding day is THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. And trust me I know. Some would argue that birthing your children is the best day. For me at least, that was the most beautiful and meaningful day of my life. But the day I got married I had the most fun and felt the most love from my friends and family out of any other day I've experienced. It was the day I made the promises that built the foundation for the family we have become. That day started it all and made it all possible. That day deserves to be printed on the pages of a book, and given tangible weight in your hands. 

It is for these reasons that we very strongly encourage you to purchase an album with us. We think it's so important that we will give you 20% off the listed price if you commit to it upon signing  your contract. And we'll give you 10% if you commit to it before the date of your wedding. 

Covers options are:


Handmade Linen

Genuine Leather

Organic Hemp

Wedding Albums Begin at $900 for an 8×8 Canvas Cover

All albums are custom designed by Alexandra herself.