For starters you pronounce their last name, "Mess-Key." Alexandra and her husband Michael Meseke are contemporary fine art photographers who specialize in capturing real and candid moments through the expert use of natural light. They have been photographing weddings together for close to 8 years. Their dynamic partnership and love for what they do together will absolutely make your very important day all the more wonderful. They both started out their careers in the commercial photography industry of New York City, where they met. But their hearts eventually led them to their love of photographing weddings and families.

Alexandra and Michael want your experience with them to be an intimate and meaningful one. There is nothing cookie cutter about what they do. They approach each event and couple or family anew. They want you to walk away with a collection of photographs that feel like intimate pieces of art that represent who you are as individuals and the real moments of your life experience. Alexandra and Michael’s commercial photography background and schooling have given them the highest degree of technical abilities when it comes to photographing you. There is no lighting or weather situation they cannot handle or make look beautiful.

They are also parents to two beautiful children whom they love very very very much. Their real life experience planning their own wedding, and working through life as a married couple and now as parents has given them a special kind of intuition when it comes to photographing you and your loved ones.  They have been through it.  They know what this day and the people you love and care about mean to you because they know what it all has meant to them.

A perfect day in the life of the Meseke Family would consist of having an early breakfast at Highland Park Diner, followed by a walk through Ellison Park with their dogs Lena and Loki.  Then after midday naps for the kids, a trip to Abbott’s Frozen Custard on the Canal in Bushnell’s Basin. And of course last but not least, once the kids are in bed, a dinner for two at Dinosaur BBQ.  Which by the way, catered their wedding! They’d both order Sierra Nevada beers(Michael went to Chico State where the Sierra Nevada Brewery is located). Alexandra would have the ribs and some cornbread, while Michael would go for spicy chicken wings and a pulled pork sandwich. YUM!!

They are based out of Rochester NY and mainly serve Western New York State and The Fingers Lakes region. But don’t hesitate to contact them for weddings outside of this area.  They love any excuse to get back to their old NYC stomping grounds.